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Frequency Based UI

I’ve always been confused by this User Interface decision.


This sparked anĀ idea for frequency based resizing of UI widgets. I put together this proof of concept to adjust the User Interface element size based upon the frequency of user interaction. The idea being to increase the area that is mapped to muscle memory as a user’s workflow is repeated.

As additional interactions occur the UI element is increased slightly based upon the most frequent usage. A friend suggested perhaps touch screens in PoS terminals, appliances, or vehicles might be a good use case where the operator is frequently using just muscle memory. I’ve increased the rate of the UI element at 2x what I’d expect a real UI would increase at to demonstrate the effect with an upper bound on the sizes that can increase. In a non proof of concept the UI element wouldn’t move at all from where the expected center is simply expand. A demo goes a long way, Click on Eject, Format, Cut, or Copy to see the basis of the idea.

Frequency Demo
Code Here