Monthly Archives: April 2016

What if?

I’ve recently finished “What If” by Randel Munroe a collection and¬†expansion of the posts here The book applies a engineering and scientific approach to absurd questions with a dose of humor mixed in. Mostly I enjoyed the explanation of the approaches in a light hearted but not mocking the question manner, it reminded me of a few of my best professors over the years I spent in school. A few of my favorites included the search algorithm he describes in Soul Mates (which now that I look isn’t in this online post), “What would be the last light left on Earth if all the humans disappeared” (also not online), and a “Mole of Moles”


Rouge Board

Part of me wants the a board meeting to have gone something like this…

“How do we start to undo 100 years of portraying women as princesses, maintain all of our current franchises, increase appeal across our entire demographic, and make a fuck load of money at the same time?”


“Get me Lucas on the phone and a check that has 9 zeros pre-written, an idea I has.”

Really looking forward to the Rogue One movie.