2015 Checkpoint!

2015 was a bit of a whirl wind year. Deja and Peach split in half to become even more awesome! I’ve learned a lot this last year about the nature of both the products and services businesses. I had the pleasure to continue to lead and be part of a team of some incredibly talented and passionate people. Personally, I had some amazing adventures in Tanzania and over the year laid the ground work for a lot of awesome projects to get published and pushed out the door this coming year.

Reflecting on my goals from 2015 a lot of them were hit and I had a few failures. Most notable is the reading list took a bit of a dip, fitness didn’t even come close, both are easy enough to adjust for 2016. Looking forward to 2016 I plan to continue to be a media sponge, sharing more of the awesome we’ve got going on at Deja and Peach, and building the hell out of as much as we can.

I’ve decided to share some of the raw data but it is a bit filtered. There are a few Deja/Peach related things that I’m planning on posting in the near future.

As a key to this list X = Completed and F = Fail
[X] Travel/Photography : Produce
 [X] Tanzania - camera skills brush up
 [X] Practice Weekend 1: Woodland Park Zoo - search images (Feb)
 [X] Practice Weekend 2: Camera - settings in various env (Mar)
 [X] Practice Weekend 3: Reflexes (April)
 [X] Practice Weekend 4: People/Things (May)
 [X] Pack / prep (May)
[X] Build : Produce
 [X] Build Plug Proxy add on
 [X] Build CoffeeShopShield
 [X] Research Project 1
 [X] Research Project 2
 [X] Research Project 3
 [X] Research Project 4
 [X] Code Combinitorial Indexer
 [X] Layout Breakout boards
 [X] Write ACTD iPhone Viewer App
[X] 4/4 Talks : Produce
 [X] AMW
 [X] UW
 [X] Industrial Control Systems Joint Working Group
 [X] Federal Reserve
[X] Blog Posts : Produce 12/12
 [XXXXXXXXXX] Personal
 [XXXXXX] Deja

[F] 12/15 Books : Consume
 [X] The Master Algorithm
 [X] Creativity, Inc
 [X] Brave New War
 [X] Spell or High Water
 [X] Body language
 [X] Pretotyping (sic)
 [X] Introduction to GSM
 [X] The Big Con
 [X] Against the Gods
 [X] How to Cheat at Everything
 [X] Meditations
 [F] Marketing
 [F] F#
[F] Fitness : Consume
 [F] Lift 20/100
 [F] Chuck 25/50
 [F] Down 20 lbs Convert 10 lbs
 [F] 10k  0/1
 [F] 1/2 Marathon 0/1
[X] Podcasts : Consume
 [X] Hardcore History
 [X] Wrath of the Khans
 [X] Blueprint for Armageddon
 [X] Prophets of Doom
 [X] The American Peril
[X] Games : Consume
 [F] Chess 10/40
 [X] Monument Valley
 [X] Fallout shelter
 [X] Hearthstone
 [X] FLT
 [X] Destiny
 [X] Destiny The Fallen King
 [X] EP Sorcery
[X] TV : Consume
 [X] Vikings Season 3
 [X] The Wire Season 1-5
 [X] Archer Season 7
 [X] Mr Robot Season 1
[X] Comics : Consume
 [X] Atomic Robo Vol 1-10
 [X] Saga Vol 1-5
 [X] Trees Vol 1
 [X] Velvet Vol 1-2
 [X] The Activity Vol 1-3
 [X] Batman Arkham Asylum
 [X] Alex + Ada Vol 1-3
 [X] Alien vs Predator


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