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Worthy of Your Sword

Growing up in Western Pennsylvania I had the pleasure of meeting all types of characters. More to the point, everyone always wanted to give their version of how they “figured it out” or “how the world works”. When you start low to the ground any ladder up seems a good way to go. All of that “advice” in some way gets pouring into and filtered by a young mind. As for filters I have people like my parents and those I would call the few good influences around me to thank.

Years later I still find myself revisiting some of the advice given to me mostly to laugh at the absurdity of it. Nearly all of it is easily bucketed as disgusting, sexist, xenophobic, and some just down right insane.

Though there was one of the random tell it how it is that stuck with me all these years. I met a blacksmith who looked like he’d been used as an anvil for several decades. His side hobby was to salvage old spring steel and turn it into swords. As it turns out spring steel is great if you want to make a sword that is +5 damage against cinder blocks.

He finished showing me how his creations held up to all manner of abuse and then suddenly turned to me in a cold dead stare and said

“Be a man worthy of your sword.”

Phallic interpretation aside, I didn’t pay much mind to it at the time. I had grown used to everyone wanting to tell me how it is and responded with my usual “OK”.

I have no idea who this guy was or even his name. To be honest I don’t care what he ended up meaning, but what I’ve come to hold as for myself is.

If you’re going beat, shape, temper, and sharpen yourself into something dangerous, be both true to and responsible of what burden that carries.