Makerbot Part 3

Bre crashed out at my place before ToorCamp and gave me a hand working some of the bugs out of my Makerbot. It turns out most of my problems came down to my surface mount soldering needing a bit of work. I didn’t want to risk frying the ICs on the 11 makerbot boards so I did them by hand. Thus after hitting all of the pins again with a soldering iron all the electronics bugs went away.

Raven next to Goldie

It makes me happy that I got one of the models that required building the boards by hand.  Seems the next models will be prefabbed.  Bre spents a while getting the tension out of the z stage in the machine it turns out my screws needed a bit of love and he did a few hacks he learned taking his on the road. I gave him some feedback on the build process and docs.

Reven Boards

Weee into the morning we got our first extrusion out of Raven and success was ours!

First build extrusion

We both passed out for a few hours then the next morning Bre printed me a Makerbot Coin and I printed out a D20.

I print 20s!

This was an amazing amount of fun to get together, and I’m hoping to hack it up more soon stay tuned!

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