Makerbot Part 2

The second Round of  making the um.. makerbot has been underway. I’ve been put at a stand still while I wait for the motor that feeds the plastic in the extruder.

Small Dino: What relic is this? Big Dino: Relic?! Boy when I was your age this was top of the line plastic extruding nozzle. Relic HA Kids…

In the mean time I’ve made some good progress towards my goal and can’t wait to get this thing online.

Big Dino: For behold little one THE MONOLITH! Small Dino: *GASP*

One response to “Makerbot Part 2

  1. bre June 25, 2009 at 5:53 am

    Dino convo FTW! Also, the green accents are nice.


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