JonM and I spent the better part of Saturday finishing up his house for sale. I haven’t scrubbed that many floors since my days at Bob Evans.

We headed west with the destination of Ruby Beach in mind for some pictures and to get out of Seattle for a while.


We the took the edmonds ferry headed westward.


After a short stop in Port Glen we moved onto Dungeness Spit.


Sadly like in many of my hobbies both Time and Euclid were against us and it appeared if we weren’t going to make Ruby Beach before sundown. We pulled into the spit for some pictures.

Dungeness Spit

This fellow kept an ever watchful eye while we took pictures of the sunset.

Bald Eagle

As it turns out he wasn’t alone.


Jon and I moved on to the larger spit and caught the sun as it was setting over Canada.


We stayed the night in Port Angelous and headed home way of this infernal machine.

The Machine

It was an great way to chill out for a day and  geek out with our cameras. We plan to head west again in search of Ruby Beach and other destination with more time in tow.

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