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Sudo make me a sandwich robot (Brooklyn Part 2)

The better part of my trip to New York was spent at NYCR making the sudo make me a sandwich robot!

Here is the video Bre made of our creation you should check out his blog for more incredible stuff!

Bre and I inspired by our hunger and the XKCD comic conceived the project on his last visit to Seattle.

Sudo Make Me a Sandwich Robot

The project used an Ardiuno board, two RepRap stepper motor controller boards, two random stepper motors, two servos, and one sacrificial toaster over.

Sudo Make Me a Sandwich Robot

This project was an amazing amount of fun.

Check out more picture from the project and both Bre’s and my flickr streams.

The arduino code for this project is here.

Brooklyn Part 1

I spent the weekend in Brooklyn hacking with Bre. (More on that soon)

In between the robotic madness we ran around taking pictures.

Brooklyn W/Bre

Highlights included this man who was washing his rags from a fire hydrant.

Brooklyn W/Bre

The Park Slope CO-OP is the first and last of it’s kind.

Brooklyn W/Bre

Everyone that shops there is also required to work there 2.5 hours a month? (Don’t recall the exact cycle) They manage 13,000 employees/customers/owners and the store is constantly busy. Bre signed me in as a guest the experience is quite interesting. The entire store literally crawls with such a high level of dedication and customer base the entire inventory turns over nearly daily.

Brooklyn W/Bre

Anyone can pickup the PA and ask for help or say pretty much whatever they want. As I found out later in the weekend one of my friend’s mother was a founding member of the COOP.

On Suday I jumped a train across the bridge and shared dinner with Pratik and Stephanie. Always good company and food I do so miss them since they’ve move to NYC. We discussed the finer points of the Oscars, scalability, why people love people that are like cats, and Steph got me hooked on the Facebook game Mob Wars.

Cats shed, bite, scratch, purr, cuddle, and whine for food. (Very much like myself) However, the cat is such an independent creature that it really couldn’t care whether you were alive or dead. Thus when a cat decides you are worth spending time, scratching, cuddling, whining to it reflects not on the cat, but how awesome you are.